Album Review: SUN CORP。-Resource

Album Review

November 18, 2020


Album Review: SUN CORP。-Resource

SUN CORP - Resource



Hollow Point One – 2020

SUN CORP. / Hollow Point One / Released: 24/2/2020

Hollow Point One has been operating on the outskirts of Dreampunk since Spring of 2019. There, they have become one with nature—weaving the organic textures of life into their musical shawl. Label owner, Holo, has embraced Intervapeur, and while the tag is relatively obscure, it serves as the great unifier between Dreampunk, biology, the wind, stone, and sea.

Enter: SUN CORP。, one of Hollow Point One’s 2020 recruits hailing from Singapore. In February, the two joined forces to re-release SUN’s debut album (The Windows), along with the surprise drop of a new project: Resource.

Resource fits somewhere in between an album & EP, complete with high points and average moments throughout. The artist isn’t afraid to mix crackled swells alongside downtempo bangers. SUN’s aptitude for making slow jams exemplifies them as the standout tracks. “Blackout” is particularly hypnotic, transmogrifying the harmonious ambience around them into rhythmic palpable chunks. Unfortunately, the drone tracks struggle to overpower the cadence of songs prior.

Overall, there’s something to the tranquil moments of Resource that are pushing this natural sound in a new direction. But I’m left wanting more. Tunes like Sun Down are melodically peaceful, but as a unit, it’s lacking that special something to tie it all together.

Fast forward several months, SUN CORP。 has honed in on their style, creating lusher cleaner walls of tones. Their potential seems to have been recognized by the big boys, having recently appeared as one of VILL4IN’s acts during the ENTER THE VOID festival, which aired on Halloween of this year. In addition to that, their most recent single, Borrowed Hardware, released with none other than Dream Catalogue.

With that, SUN’s future certainly looks bright.

Favorite Track: Blackout


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